Can Only Pick Two: Good, Cheap or Fast – Why?

During the ongoing development and growth of AAC we strive to produce a product of high quality where our clients are the focus of the business. We aim to provide a ‘can do’ approach to projects and provide assistance and clarity throughout the duration of the project, rather than producing a ‘cheap’ ‘fast’ product that fulfills the minimum requirements of securing planning permission.

As AAC nears the end of its third year of ‘trading’ we have taken the opportunity to reflect where we are as a company and where we would place ourselves on the “Good – Cheap – Fast” venn diagram.

Are AAC ‘good’?

AAC is based on thirty-plus years of public and private sector experience with a broad skill base. Having received multiple sets of positive feedback on our reports we must be doing something right.

Are AAC ‘cheap’?

AAC are not the cheapest consultancy, but we are also not the most expensive! When AAC are commissioned on a project it is not just to produce a report, the client is paying for the ongoing support (where required) to get the desired results.

Are AAC ‘fast’?

AAC’s biggest factor when aiming for ‘fast’ is the receipt of critical information (i.e. site access for monitoring, traffic and any stationary plant information) to feed into our assessments. Where possible processes are automated to ensure speed and efficiency is high.

As a rule, we request for two weeks after receipt of all information to issue reports, but we are well aware this is never the case.

Which two do AAC get asked the most for?

Due to the nature of the disciplines (Acoustics and Air Quality) we are normally one of the last to get involved in projects and our disciplines have cropped up as a late request by a local authority in order to validate a planning application and at a time when the applicants budget is running dry! On that basis 99 % of the time we get asked for ‘Your best price?’ and ‘How quickly can you do it?’ 

Why should ‘good’ suffer on this basis?

In short, it CAN’T! Our reports and assessment work are our biggest marketing tool, so producing something sub-standard is not going to help the company continue to grow and is not in our interest. Through the generation of internal processes and many years of consultancy experience, ‘good’ does not have to suffer for ‘fast’ and ‘cheap’.

So where are AAC on the venn diagram?

We put the clients as the focus of our business and aim to provide a ‘can do’ approach to projects and provide assistance where required from the initial concept stage right the way through to the completion of the project.

The aim is to strive to find that sweet spot where “Good – Cheap – Fast” are equally balanced. We are not sure we are fully there yet(?), but the ambition is to deliver a product that offers all three!!

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