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29 April 2024

Ask Answer Confidence

AAC as a collective are trying to answer the most commonly asked questions we receive!

Over time we intend to build up a list of the questions. Our answers will offer our honest opinions and diverse experience based on our involvement in a wide variety of disciplines.

If you have specific question in mind please get in touch with us by emailing



This is a common question we get when sites are being looked at for residential...
This is a growing area within the undertaking of air quality assessments...
Section 60 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974 grants powers to a local authority...
During the ongoing development and growth of AAC we strive to produce a product of...
A noise nuisance is simply an unwanted sound and can be categorised as either a Public...

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Ask Answer Confidence

10 May 2021

AAC are currently in process of updating their website. A key theme of this upgrade will be the creation of a new blog / vlog page, where AAC as a collective try and answer the most commonly asked questions we receive!

Here is a small taster of some of the questions we will be answering over the coming weeks and months:

  • How long does it take to do an air quality assessment?
  • Where can we start the building line due to noise?

If have any specific questions you would like to ask please get in touch at