Construction Dust

26 January 2021

To supplement national planning guidance local authorities are producing their own supplementary planning guidance’s (SPG’s).

As part of these SPG’s many local authorities have set out guidance on preparing air quality dust risk assessments, which identify the potential scale of dust emissions for each stage of construction works. The criteria associated with assigning scales of dust emissions is set out in the Institute of Air Quality Management (2014) ‘Guidance on the assessment of dust from demolition and construction document.  

In terms of air quality the main pollutants which are considered within these assessments are particulate matter (PM). PM is typically associated with the demolition, earthworks and construction phase of developments.

The level of mitigation required depends on the outcome of the risk assessment. Some local authorities may also specify further mitigation is to be implemented during the construction phase of projects, including the need for dust monitoringDust monitoring is particularly important in areas with a high density of highly sensitive receptors, to ensure that their health and wellbeing is not affected during the progression of any development.   

Many local authorities within London will specify in planning conditions that dust monitoring is to be carried out if the resulting dust risk assessment triggers the ‘Medium’ or ‘High’ risk levels during any phase of construction works. It is advised that the equipment used should be MCERTS, which shows verification of performance. Data collected over the duration of the period is made available to the local authority to show compliance during the construction period and that the mitigation in place is effective. Should continuous exceedances occur, the local authority may request details of tasks being performed for record and may request that further mitigation is implemented.   

What can AAC do…

AAC have extensive experience of undertaking both short-term and long-term dust monitoring programmes and have a fleet of dust monitoring equipment. We have provided assessments and carried out the subsequent dust monitoring for a variety of schemes both within London and across the United Kingdom.  AAC have also lead detailed negotiations with many local authorities on the type and the length of dust monitoring to carry out.

If you require an air quality dust risk assessments or require subsequent dust monitoring please contact Simon Grubb –