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AAC are Experts in construction impact assessments and construction noise and vibration monitoring and can provide a range of services including Impact Assessments, COPA Section 61, short and long-term noise, vibration and dust monitoring.

Control of Pollution Act 1974 Section 61

A section 61 application is regarding consent to carry out works, which have the potential to cause significant impacts on the neighbourhood due to its generation of noise, vibration and dust. The application outlines the works which are planned to take place, the working hours of the site and a plan to mitigate potential noise and vibration impact by best practical means.


AAC have extensive experience in construction assessment and monitoring and in the pre-development stage we can:

As independent consultants we are not tied to any supplier and so can select and or recommend the specific equipment that we consider to be the best including combinations of equipment across the suppliers.

Instigation works

During the development

AAC provide a service that is bespoke to the client and project. We can either provide advice and guidance to help you undertake this independently, we can support you with this process or we can take it over can do everything that is needed.
The costs are made up of...
The set-up costs
Running costs
Completion costs

Purchase or hire?

The single biggest cost to construction monitoring projects is the equipment costs and there are some options including purchase and hire. Our experience is that for short term projects (up to 6 months) a hire may be the more cost-effective option, however for longer term projects the cost benefits of purchasing increase. For any long-term monitoring project AAC only use new equipment because the newer equipment tends to be the more stable, results in less breakdowns and so less data loss.

Unfortunately the value of second-hand equipment is not very high and there are significant costs in maintaining the equipment, keeping them calibrated (factory and in the field) and also in servicing and repairs. While consultants such as AAC can gain some benefit / value this tends only to be used as parts or to replacing the older equipment that we have in our stock and used as a temporary replacement when another monitoring needs to be sent away for service, repair or calibration.

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