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Air & Acoustic Consultants Limited were commissioned by Countryside Partnerships North East Midlands to undertake a noise impact assessment in support of a planning application for a proposed residential scheme, located off Boston Road, Sleaford.

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Project Details

The development proposals sought approval for the construction of 127 dwellings, a 66 bed care home and a new pavilion and bowling green for the bowls club. The site was affected by road traffic noise from Boston Road and rail noise and vibration from the Grantham to Skegness Railway Line. AAC supported the project with a range of environmental assessment services including:

  • Undertook sound level monitoring over an eight-day period at the application site.
  • Vibration monitoring was completed on the southern boundary over eight-days to capture vibration from passing trains.
  • Considered all relevant national and local guidance.
  • Concluded that vibration levels were not deemed likely to result in any adverse impacts upon the proposed development.
  • Noise modelling predictions showed that the properties closest to Boston Road experienced the highest noise levels.
  • The noise of passing trains exceeded the noise from traffic for residential properties closest to the railway, however the train passes were infrequent.

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