Project Description

Air & Acoustic Consultants Limited were commissioned by Splendid Hospitality Group to undertake a noise assessment to assess the impacts of proposed fixed plant to be installed at the Ibis Hotel in York on nearby noise-sensitive properties. Additionally, a glazing specification for the proposed secondary glazing and replacement glazing was produced to ensure Ibis performance specifications were met inside the hotel rooms.

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Project Details

AAC supported the project with a range of environmental assessment services including:

  • Identified that the dominant noise source affecting the application site is road traffic using the surrounding highway network.
  • Air & Acoustic Consultants undertook sound level monitoring at the hotel to measure existing sound levels.
  • Considered all relevant national and local guidance.
  • Concluded that with the inclusion of the proposed measures, no adverse impacts were expected at nearby noise-sensitive properties, and internal sound levels were predicted to be suitable for guests.

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