Project Description

Air and Acoustic Consultants Ltd were instructed to undertake a noise impact assessment in support of the planning application to discharge a planning condition for a residential development close to Lighthorne Heath. The criterion noise level for external amenity that was specified in the planning condition represented the upper guideline level in BS8233:2014, which also stated that where this level was not possible, levels should be reduced as far as practicable.

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Project Details

  • The application site is located adjacent to the M40 motorway, which is the dominant source of noise.
  • Air & Acoustic Consultants undertook a long-term unattended baseline noise survey at the site to characterise the existing noise environment and help assess the potential impacts of the proposed development upon the nearby noise-sensitive receptors.
  • All relevant national and local guidance was considered.
  • Noise modelling showed that mitigation efforts to reduce noise levels in external amenity areas to below the planning condition criterion were not reasonably possible while maintaining the practical use of the development.
  • A mitigation scheme was suggested, which included ventilation and glazing to ensure that internal sound levels in the residential properties were lower than the levels specified in the planning condition.

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