Project Description

Air & Acoustic Consultants Limited were commissioned by Hortons Estate Ltd to complete sound insulation testing of the floor which separates the first and ground floor of Piccadilly Arcade, Birmingham. The Piccadilly Arcade is a former cinema built in 1910, converted in 1925 to a retail space with boutique shops and cafes. The building has a ground floor arcade with shops on either side and a large first floor area with a mezzanine which was previously occupied by the retailer Cotswold Outdoors.

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Project Details

  • On-site measurements were undertaken for airborne sound insulation and impact sound insulation between the first-floor premises and the adjacent ground floor businesses.
  • The bowling ball impact tests showed that sound and vibration damping of the floor would be needed for any bowling alley.
  • The sound insulation performance of the floor was deemed to be very good.

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