Project Description

Air & Acoustic Consultants Limited were commissioned by Milton Keynes Council to undertake a noise impact assessment for a proposed new road and associated junction improvements in Wavendon, Milton Keynes. The scheme will form an extension to the Milton Keynes grid road system and the main access into a new residential development.

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Project Details

  • Air & Acoustic Consultants undertook sound level monitoring over an eight-day period at the site.
  • All relevant national and local guidance was considered.
  • Noise modelling predictions indicated that where the new road passed dwellings not already close to existing sources of road traffic noise, there was the potential for significant effects.
  • Mitigation measures were proposed to Milton Keynes Council.
  • A combination of noise barriers and bunds are set to be built along the road alignment to reduce impacts at the proposed and existing noise sensitive residential properties.

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